Stephen Perkins

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I’m a conservative strategist and activist who builds movements and develops the leaders that advance them.

As the American Conservation Coalition‘s Vice President of Grassroots Strategy, I manage the organization’s grassroots programming, strategy, and growth, while empowering the field team, staff, and local activists to grow as leaders in the conservative environmental movement.

Prior to joining ACC, I served as a Partner of a conservative digital marketing agency, helping more than 50 political and nonprofit clients grow their online communities. And prior to that, I provided marketing consulting, advocacy training, and leadership coaching to a dozen national political and education organizations.

Outside of political and environmental issues, I’m interested in the topics of leadership, public health, urban design, and other assorted nerdy stuff – all of which I write about here.

Originally from the Houston area, I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a B.A. in Political Science and currently reside in Fort Worth, TX with my dog, Hudson.

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